Asthma Education: Principles and Practice – Digital Edition


Asthma Education: Principles and Practice – Digital Edition


First electronic edition, September 2018
ISBN: 1–896291–78–3

Edited by Dr Elliot Ellis, MD, FAAAAI, Past President, AAAAI and by Dr K. Conboy-Ellis, RN, Ph D, AE-C, FAAAAI

Rated 4 out of 5 by the Canadian Journal of Respiratory Therapy – read the review from the 2006 Spring edition.

Read Dr Patricia V. Burkhart's review in the 2007 Spring edition of the Asthma Education Quarterly.

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The definitive textbook on asthma education by Ian Mitchell, MD, FRCP(C) and Gaynor Govias, BSc, BEd, CAI.

Covers all topics required for Asthma Educator’s Certificate examination.

Includes a comprehensive medical and teaching component together with practical teaching tips and techniques covering all aspects of asthma education for patients of all ages.

Meets and exceeds all requirements of the NAECB matrix

The e-book contains the following:

Section 1: The Fundamentals

1. Asthma: an overview

2. Lung structure and function

3. Measurements of lung function

4. Clinical presentation of asthma

5. Environmental issues in asthma management

6. Asthma management and use of medication

7. Special situations in asthma

Section 2: The Role of Education

8. An integrated approach to asthma management

9. Adherence

10. Complementary and alternate medicine and asthma

11. Frequently asked questions

Section 3: The Effective Asthma Educator

12. Learning: Theories and Principles

13. Teaching the Patient with asthma

14. Clinic management and evaluation

Section 4: Practice case Studies

14 case studies are presented that include information gleaned on follow-up visits. Suggested responses are provided for the first 9 case studies.

The e-book, like the printed version, contains a glossary of terms used in asthma.

It also includes the supplement (published 2009) on the changes made by the Expert Panel Report 3 (EPR3) in August 2007.