Case Studies for Asthma Educators – eBook


Case Studies for Asthma Educators – eBook


Digital download, PDF (fully compatible with iBooks, e-book readers)
Third Edition, January 2018
ISBN: 1-896291-13-9

This book has been designed to help asthma educators improve their asthma teaching and asthma management skills. It includes 90 case studies that begin with simple problems and then increase in complexity, and a complete guide with questions and answers.

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The case studies require the reader to:

  • explain asthma to patients of different ages and educational backgrounds
  • interpret peak flow readings
  • explain peak flow charts to patients
  • teach patients about asthma triggers
  • deal with patients of all ages, from infants through to the elderly
  • explain the different types of asthma medications to patients
  • adjust Asthma Action Plans
  • assess patients' asthma and possible co-morbid conditions
  • deal with patients who use complementary medicine and alternative treatments
  • handle patient concerns and beliefs