Educating Patients with Asthma


Educating Patients with Asthma


Digital download, PDF (fully compatible with iBooks, e-book readers,
115 pages
First edition, 2018
ISBN: 1-896291-74-0

This is an updated and greatly enlarged e-book based on the former The Fundamentals of Teaching that was one of the first texts recommended by the National Asthma Education Certification Board (NAECB) in the USA, for use when preparing for the Asthma Educator's Certification Exam. 

Written in an easy to read, relaxed style, this book is an excellent introduction to understanding the essential requirements of the role of the Asthma Educator. An emphasis on what is required to educate patients with asthma underlies the entire book.

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    Contents include

    • How people learn
    • The learning process, learning styles, cultural influences, ways of learning, factors that influence learning, basic principles of asthma education
    • Education and the patient
    • Language usage, barriers, fears, beliefs, literacy
    • What to teach and how to teach it
    • The basics of asthma, self-management plans, the 10 deadly mistakes, potentially fatal asthma
    • Avoidance of triggers
    • Common triggers and exposure reduction techniques
    • The teaching sequence
    • Teaching techniques and tests to assess control of asthma
    • Teaching different age groups – parents, caregivers, adults, the elderly, adolescents, children and low-literacy individuals, general and specific teaching techniques, adherence.
    • Teaching aids
    • Peak flow meters, devices, diaries, action plans, sources of information
    • Evaluating outcomes
    • Patient factors, general and specific outcomes, quality of life as an outcome
    • Evaluating yourself
    • Hallmarks of a successful educator, understanding your limitations, assessing your
      • teaching skills
      • patient relationships
      • team relations
      • professional attributes