Effective Teaching Techniques


Effective Teaching Techniques


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29 pages
First edition
ISBN: 1-896291-73-2

Written for the asthma educator, this handbook is essential reading for beginners and a good refresher for the experienced asthma educator.

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Asthma Educators know their asthma, but the question remains: how do you successfully educate patients so that you can improve both asthma control and the quality of their lives? Simply providing information is not enough. Education is a two-way process of communication and instruction that can succeed only when mutual respect exists.

This easy-to-read handbook, with a foreword by Dr. Stanley Galant, MD, FAAA, FAAP, provides information on:

  • the requirements for patient education

  • the NHLBI guidelines for patient education

  • the list of essential topics that must be taught

  • tips on how to teach the warning signs and symptoms of asthma

  • how to use the PFT as a teaching aid

  • a list of more than 15 different teaching techniques

  • tips to help patients remember

  • much more