The Fundamentals of Teaching


The Fundamentals of Teaching


Paperback: 140 pages
Second edition, published 2004
ISBN: 1 – 896291 – 18 – X
Dimensions: 7.5 x 9.5 inches

This is one of the first texts recommended by the National Asthma Education Certification Board (NAECB) in the USA, for use when preparing for the Asthma Educator's Certification Exam. It explains how to effectively teach patients of different ages.

The second edition has been expanded to 140 pages and updated with new examples and comments. A new chapter, Evaluating Outcomes discusses both clinical and non-clinical outcome measures.

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Written in an easy to read, relaxed style, this book is an excellent introduction to understanding the essential elements for successful teaching.

Topics include:

  • the crucial difference between information and education
  • the learning process
  • learning styles
  • principles of asthma education
  • the barriers to patient education
  • allergen avoidance measures
  • identification of triggers
  • how to help patients develop a self-management plan and the skills that are necessary to achieve guided self-management
  • how people of different ages learn
  • the use of computer games and the internet in asthma education
  • the teaching sequence – a variety of teaching approaches for different ages (from children to the elderly)
  • general and specific teaching techniques
  • useful teaching aids
  • using outcome measures for evaluation
  • quality of life as an outcome measure
  • checklists for self-evaluation