Spirometry Quick Reference Chart


Spirometry Quick Reference Chart


Full colour double-sided reference chart
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First published in 2007. Last updated May 2016
ISBN:  1 – 896291 – 57 – 0

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This full-color quick reference sheet summarizes all the essential information needed by an asthma educator or health-professional when using spirometry. Topics are presented in point form for easy reading and quick review and include:

  • Uses of spirometry
  • Measures of lung function
  • Common measures
  • Indications for spirometry
  • Patterns of spirometry
  • Acceptability criteria (ATS)
  • Procedure for reversibility testing
  • Bronchodilator wait times prior to testing
  • Reasons to delay or postpone testing
  • Interpretation of spirograms for mild and severe asthma
  • Sample asthma flow-volume and volume-time graphs