Asthma Medications Quick Reference Chart


Asthma Medications Quick Reference Chart


Full colour double-sided reference chart
Digital download, PDF (fully compatible with iBooks, e-book readers)
First published in 2007
Last updated June 2018
ISBN: 1-896291-79-1

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Asthma medications come in a variety of sizes, dosages and delivery mechanisms. This full-color quick-reference chart presents drug information in an easy-to-use format. The chart provides the following information for every asthma medication available in the USA or Canada:

  • Generic name
  • Trade names 
  • Dosages 
  • Medication strengths 
  • Delivery mechanism 
  • Comments, cautions and warnings
  • Medications are further grouped by category – short-acting beta agonists, steroids, LTRA, etc.

Easy to use, colour-coded and comprehensive, the chart provides "at a glance" information on all asthma medications available in the USA and Canada. 

Note: This chart contains insufficient data for prescribing medications. Physicians and pharmacists should consult standard references before prescribing, dispensing or monitoring these medications.