When I Nod, I Don’t Mean Yes


When I Nod, I Don’t Mean Yes


Digital download, PDF (fully compatible with iBooks, e-book readers)
75 pages
Updated and expanded edition of “When I Nod, I Mean No”
ISBN: 1-896291-69-4

This book is a must have for health care professionals who deal with patients of different cultures. It provides the necessary tips to avoid unintentionally insulting your patient with the wrong gesture or word.

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This reference book provides behavioural guidelines and cultural tips for use when dealing with people from  countries from which most immigrants or refugees come to the West. A must-have for any health professional working in a cosmopolitan city or dealing with multi-cultural patients.

Besides cultural tips and what not to do, this book also describes:

  • religions
  • religious and cultural beliefs
  • health practices of each country